Tattoo Purchase

Do you like a previously done design by me, or would you like to collaborate with me to create one?


It is an honor to say the least to have my work displayed on anyone. The image of our body is timeless and to having my art walk this path of life with you is such an honor.

There is a small fee for the price for previously done artwork of $50. For me to have a design drawn for you ranges between $100 – $300+ depending on complexity and length of drawing.

You can buy a previously done design below

Please leave an email with the purchase so I can send over a clear photograph of the artwork or email your tattoo artist directly. Or you can email me at

(Click above for direct payment link)

How the process goes for a custom drawing :

  • A Skype, FaceTime, e-mail or phone call discussing the work you want.
  • A brief lay out of my image idea. Then one or two more to make sure my image matches what your view is.
  • A 50% deposit is required for any custom piece

It is important to remember, this is my work. These images I create are a huge part of me and using them without my permission is not permitted in any way. The altering of any image is also not permitted. Please remember to respect and support independent artists and if you love what I do, support me by purchasing a piece.

Love and light,