Kenseth Thibideau and Annie Perkins Rosenberg video collaborations

Three videos created visually by myself and musically by Kenseth. A side project we did together as kindred artists.

After finishing this series, we have decided to continue these videos sporadically as we can, continuing to combine our artistic talents.

Please, stay tuned for what we create!

In the meantime check out Kenseth’s work at

EXODUS 2020 Group Exhibition

Exodus 2020
March 21st- May 30th 
Aeon Gallery 
10331 Main St. Richmond, IL 60071 

Malady of realization: this is what is.
Yesterday seems like now,
Last lifetime the future.

Tangling of time, life, experience, pain, sorrow and joy.

Weaving of webs, symbols and things once significantly meant now cryptically confuse.

Move forward,
which is backwards,
which is time spent once lost.

Into the vastness of what we are…
(no past, no present, no future).

Art of the Tarot Group Exhibition

Four night lights for The Art of the Tarot group exhibition at Ghost Gallery for the month of March.
These four pieces relate the suits of the tarot with the elements.

Air ∆ Suit of Swords
Earth ∇ Suit of Pentacles
Fire ∆ Suit of Wands
Water ∇ Suit of Cups

You can purchase and see them at the opening this Thursday March 12th during Capitol Hill Art walk in Seattle, WA, or purchase them online at

Hexing Hallucinogen Wreaths at Stylus Salon in Seattle Washington

Three more wreath pieces for Stylus Salon in Seattle for Belltown art walk on Friday the 13th of December.

In order of appearance, Datura, Salvia and Heimia Salicifolia.

It was so interesting tuning into the plant medicine energy while drawing these pieces. Especially how certain people’s experiences with them result in seeing the same entities and visualizations and how some induce dreamwork states. Plant medicine is so fascinating, just like animals we can learn so much from them.

You can contact the salon for purchase or stop by in person.

The Great Return (to source) ⥀

The Great Return (to source) ⥀
Thursday December 5th, 2019
During Art Walk
Mortlake and Company
117 Prefontaine Pl S
Seattle, WA 98104

This series reflects the return to our true self.

To our original blueprint.

Taking us back to what we were when we entered this physical plane.

To who we are outside of a name, a face and a body.

Helping release the theories and ways that society has taught you to believe thus far.

Reminding you the answers to every question you have ever sought is within.

Knowing we often reject or doubt those answers due to discomfort or distrust in ourselves and our situations.

Knowing if we do allow the discomfort of change, we can fully travel the path we are meant to with our truest form of self.

Practicing kindness, trust and respect along the way and letting it spread like wildfire.

Red List: Moths & Butterflies

Opening October 10th, 2019


Ghost Gallery

1111 E. Pike St, Ste. B

Seattle, WA 98122

“This exhibit, featuring artists from around the globe, will focus on endangered species of moths and butterflies in North America, Canada and Mexico. The aim is to bring more awareness to this growing list and to what efforts are being made towards recovery and conservation. A % of proceeds from sales will be donated to
the Xerces Society: ”The Xerces Society collaborates with scientists, land managers, and conservationists to raise awareness about the plight of invertebrates and to gain protection for the most vulnerable species before they decline to a level at which recovery is impossible. Destruction of habitat, introduced species, and pesticides are all leading to the loss of invertebrate species.” –

Conversation Seattle Pop-Up Wednesday August 14th, 3-6pm

A few weeks ago, I was honored to be asked to show the remaining pieces from Day and Night of the Soul at Thompson Seattle in the restaurant Conversation Seattle.

Events for me, with my health are complicated. It is difficult for me to be verbal about my limitations because I still, after all of these years in treatment now, forget that I am limited.I am a bit of a powerhouse in that sense and I think it is what guides me through treatment at times. I get up, brush myself off and try to get back out there. This event was during the week. I knew it would be impossible for me to go. It was also the day of my clinic appointment which lasts all day, then the following day is usually a little difficult since it throws my health and my schedule off.

I was so fortunate to work with Alyssa of Conversation and she helped ease the process of getting everything dropped off and ready to go. Her and the artist Willow that I shared the space with also sent me some photos from the event.

If you were able to make it there, thank you so much. I also appreciate the people who reached out asking of my absence. It pushed me to come clean a little more publicly with my health. I try to keep them inward quite often because honestly, we all have our limitations. We all have our trials. I want my own to be a sign of strength, not something of pity or attention. When I have limitations it is difficult to share. Although, I am so happy I did, because it was received so well.

Coming Soon : The Great Return (to source) ⥀

I am very honored and pleased to announce my next showing will be at Mortlake & Company, again in Seattle Washington in December of this year.

I will say, it is kind of embarrassing since I have never been to Seattle before moving here in November of last year and had little knowledge of this hidden gem. When I went in to meet with William, I even asked if I could touch and read the books. I was very excited to know many of them were for sale. The collection is amazing, so amazing I thought it was just for show. With that being said, I also only allowed myself to briefly look, because otherwise I would have walked out with a stack of books to add to my already large home library. But I did go home with an amazing Alchemy print.

So many amazing things in such a great, welcoming space.

The show is quite a while away but before that I will also be spending the first week of September at Sou’wester in Seaview Washington doing an artist residency. I am very eager to share with you what I create for them to keep forever. This is also the first vacation I will be taking since moving here. As some of you know, I am in a treatment right now that is very regimented. My doctors therefore are not fond of me traveling. Especially with no immune system. It was great to find someplace that could accommodate to those needs.

I hope you are all enjoying the longer days, warmer air and whatever has been coming up for you with this eclipse season and retrogrades. I see so many shifts and changes in all of us. The shows name came to me during this time frame as so many changes have gone on in my own life as of recent. After seven years of often relentless treatment, I have been told my body is finally responding to treatment. Which is believable, for once. I can feel it. I am making remarkable progress, but the main reason I think that is, is because I went in and did some major inner work. Faced some of the darkest and deepest things, which was what my last series Day and Night of the Soul represented. Going through a Dark Night of the Soul.

I truly feel like a whole new being. The feeling you would get as a kid before the adult crept in and you learned politics, rules, judgement and all that fun stuff. I feel I am returning to whatever energy I came to this organic vessel as. I feel without gender, unlabeled and just very present and aware. Able to face the things I used to close my eyes to. Present. Which makes me feel my goal is to help others find that in themselves too, and therefore hope to grow my healing practice by the beginning of 2020.

I do want to say thank you to my family and friends who have helped me to keep my art going over the last seven years. To my life partner who used to lay down a towel for me to do artwork when I was bedridden and would buy me supplies to keep me working. To my friends in the artist community who donated many art supplies to me since there are no funds right now for such things. To each person who purchased a piece of my artwork from Ghost Gallery, as this is now my sole source of income along with caring for special needs animals as I can. I am still unable to hold a full time job with my health and my dream is to use this creative outlet I am so lucky to hold, to fully support myself one day. Lastly, I want to thank Laurie from Ghost Gallery for being such a genuine great person and holding such an amazing space for so many creative humans. So much love to her.

(The remaining pieces from my show at Ghost Gallery are still available on their website here for now, I will let you know if that changes)

Thank you…

The Great Return to Source

Throughout life we can forget who we are.
Who we arrived as.
Who we have been before.
(No past, no present, no future)
But, we can go beyond what we are told is right and wrong,
Unlearn all that we have been taught,
And return home.

Home to where we know, within ourselves, the answers to every question we have ever asked.

But only after going inward and facing the true self.
In Alchemy known as ‘regressus ad uterum’ or ‘the return to uterus’ where you are invited to go into the underworld to experience rebirth or again exampled in Greek mythology where Orpheus descended into the Hades to look for Eurydice (symbol of his lost soul) or again in India as the god Krishna descended into the hells to look for his six brothers (the six chakras, Krishna being the crown).
Symbolically, all about going inward, facing ourselves and returning to a primal state we all hold within us.
Therefore my next series is titled The Great Return to Source.