Through my evolvement in the last decade with my health and spiritual journey, many people have suggested I write a book. I am a very private person so instead of sharing the specifics, I wanted to share visually, through art. Therefore I have decided to create a book. A visual grimoire of sorts. The title of the book will be Visions of Evolvement, Healing, and Progression into the Next Chapters.

The theme of the book is growth and healing, inspired greatly by Gu Syndrome which is based on Classic Chinese Medicine and something I work with personally.

Gu zheng, or Gu syndrome, essentially means “Possession Syndrome”. Gu is a character that is very old, perhaps one of the oldest characters in the Chinese textual record altogether since it is a hexagram in the Yijing. It is literally the image of three worms in a vessel.

The number 2 is sacred to me, so this book will feature 222 small pieces that will document my journey. The book will be worked on from the end of 2021 into the year 2022. I will share the work here as I complete each piece.