Spring Update


It is not quite Spring yet, but it is coming.

I wanted to take a moment to update the site with an update of what has been going on for the past three months now.

The shop has grown, and rather quickly at that. Thank you everyone for your purchases and with your patience as I learn the ropes of starting an online business. It is not the obvious things that take time and work, it is the small things. Things you wouldn’t even think of. Either way, it is all coming together wonderfully and I thank you all for your support and love.

I will be adding some new prints, bracelets as well as some home goods to the site over the next few weeks. It is incredible for me to be able to do something that I love and make some extra money.

With that being said, it is important for me to mention my health as well.

As much as I would love to keep it like a secret, my health is a huge part of my artwork and why I create. I began working with the head doctor at the clinic that I go to and I am very impressed. With that being said, there is much more work to do now that I am working with someone very familiar with the complexity of my case.

Basically, the clinic I go to is somewhere that people end up when doctors are at a loss of where to go next. The great thing though is that I ended up there and I am in good hands. The other side of it is there is once again no time limit, no known path to go and all we can do is move ahead in the dark hoping we are on the right path. I am learning that with my health, it will not matter where I am, how I got there or how much I have because anything will be possible. But that takes time.

Going through this experience has really flexed my artistic and creative muscle and I am blessed for that. I put a lot of my fear, frustration and discomfort into my artwork. Creating in the armchair, propped up in front of the TV watching Netflix or listening to music. It gets me through and I am happy to share what I create with others as a result.

Friendly reminder that I will be a part of this event coming up on April 15, 2018. Along with my work, one of my friends from the west coast is coming out to join the event. You can check out her work here. I am also forever grateful to Oh Jamie Elizabeth for connecting me to the event. The art community is a magnificent thing.



Thanks for all the support and I hope to see some of you out at the event.

Next Art Show and Online Shop Coming in 2018!

Online Shop Coming in 2018!

I have to make my health my priority and that means my artwork has to come second.  Therefore, the items I usually show in galleries or at Bazaars will be available online! I will post photos to my instagram account as they are available in the shop. Follow me! Exciting stuff.

My next show I will be at physically will be in April in Philadelphia. The flyer below lists the specifics and I look forward to being surrounded by so many creative and talented humans.

Much love and light,





Always Ethically Sourced

My Writing

Lost in deep thought while on a walk this morning I gathered that I should mention my writing  on my website. Writing, along with my visual artwork has been what has fueled me over the last few years and the visual art pieces I do are equally as much of a release as my writing has been. I mainly show my sculptures and ethical bone work on my site, but I also do a lot of writing and sketching too.




You can follow me here to read the writing I do on The Mighty Site.



Rorschach Test of Bones

I am pleased to share the newest additions to my portfolio.