Hand Drawn Ethically Sourced Bones

I sold a few of these through my online store, and now I will be selling them at Ghost Gallery in Seattle, Washington, and at Pacific Crest Creatives in Cle Elum, Washington. I chose these galleries as I am currently residing in Washington state outside of Portland, Oregon, and love to support local businesses.

These are done on ethically sourced Antelope and Elk ribs from the mountains of New Mexico. The art is hand-drawn by me and sealed in a clear coat finish.

What an honor it is to draw these runic, alchemical, and plant symbols on the bones of a once-living creature. Combining the above and below – respectfully

Here are a few photos of my work. Or you can see them here and here on my Instagram page. Feel free to reach out to either of the galleries to purchase.

Bringing down the heavens

All pieces available for purchase online here at Ghost Gallery, or can be viewed in person for those in the Seattle area at the hours listed on their website.

This show features two individual series by artists Annie Perkins Rosenberg and Coleman Stevenson that overlap in subject matter, offering two distinct views on a common theme: concepts of the Cosmos. Both artists’ work is informed by intuitive energies, forms, and visions of the classical planets. Perkins Rosenberg’s contribution is a nine-piece series focusing on the Ptolemaic system of planets. This series focuses on what registers first, intuitively before knowing history. When one is in tune with nature and its frequencies, the same images, forms and visions can arise. These pieces carry that to paper then explore the past for verification from ancient ancestors. Characters explored are Earth, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Fixed Stars. Stevenson’s series features the seven classical planets presented in the alchemical order (often referred to as the “ladder of planets”). Color is the dominant force in these pieces as each painting attempts to express the personality of one of the seven spheres and its corresponding alchemical operation. They are also invitations to the planetary forces to act as guides in her life, with spells embedded in the works through magical writing and with all marks made on these intuited in the hours ruled by each planet. Added to these are two new pieces created to correspond with Earth and the Fixed Stars. The artists have also collaborated on one additional piece for this exhibition, a unified vision of the Cosmos that incorporates both of their unique styles.

Annie’s nine piece series described below

Earth 🜃

Sun and Moon representing the masculine and feminine energies of the planet. With symbolic goddess energy beneath the sun as Earth is mother.
A spring of Verbena for its long time use in ancient places like Egypt where it has long been associated with divine and other supernatural forces and called “tears of Isis”.
Balanced by the stars as Ptolemy viewed planet Earth as a place where the densest parts of all the planets existed. That is why we are each planetary and influenced by the stars. Earth is a combination of all the planets and so are we.
With hands outreached as we chose to enter these organic vessels and walk the life path.

The Moon

The original piece to this series sold, so I created one that’s similar instead of making a reprint.
Three silver daggers piercing a lunar cycle dripping with morning dew onto Triticum Bicorne a hermaphrodite annual native to Egypt that is pollinated by the wind.

Mercury ☿

The moons represents the vast space that holds the planets.
The two plants of Agrimony as this plant is ruled by Mercury.
A rooting Crocus is for Hermes, who in mythology represents Mercury.
The crocus-flower, was sacred to Hermes. The god was said to have caused it to grow from the blood of his beloved Krokos (hence the flowers name).

Venus ♀

Represented through the lark as birds are very symbolic of this planet. The Lark is also used greatly used throughout mythology, literature, song and is known as an excellent messenger.
The serpent, as snakes carry symbolism of sensuality and fertility which are also associated with the Venus symbol meaning.
And the Lily, for its symbolism of purity, cleansing and love.

The Sun ◌

The Sun in the Ptolemaic system was not the center of our universe, the Earth was. Heart because herbs of the Sun have long been held as herbs for the heart.
Rosemary as it works as a cardiotonic that strengthens the heart and restores energy, vitality and immunity overall.
Lastly, moons as the moon is involved in all of the pieces of this series to show how the connection relates and helps the movement of planetary energy flow.

Mars ♂

Wolf skull and teeth symbolic of Mars’s association with the wolf. The skulls, bone and teeth symbolic of the malefic nature of the planet.
Wolves play a particular role in mythology. The mythical founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, Mars’ twin children were rescued by a she-wolf.
Twin Nettles, symbolic to the planet. Nettles have planethas thorns that act as hypodermics, injecting subcutaneous doses of stinging fluid. However, this same fluid when properly prepared becomes a powerful internal astringent, eliminating infections, and relieves rheumatic conditions.

Jupiter ♃

Swords symbolic of power, confidence, authority, and wisdom.
Hyssop for purification, blessings and sacred cleansing.
In Chinese symbolism, Jupiter is a companion to the element of wood. It carries themes of patience, compassion, strength and durability.
The Chinese element of wood is also symbolic of the season of spring, growth, renewal and transition.
What ever way this planet is sacred to you, it carries strength, compassion and teachings. Wonderful Jovian energy to tune into.

Saturn ♄

Saturn rules restrictions, fate, time, discipline and learning.
When Saturn comes into your life it can cause upheaval and change. But if you pay close attention, these upheavals and chaos create the change you need.
Rebirth and growth.
Beautiful disasters.
The laws of Saturn are much feared, because we learn a great deal from its energies.
It stands in between us and a life of ease.
We are confronted with Saturn each time we break a law of nature. We are given these laws as trials and we can break them time and time again, until we learn to use them properly.
But what is proper?
Only we can decide.
Represented here by two Rattlesnakes which are a well known companion to Saturn and Bistort, also known as Snakeweed.

Fixed Stars

Stars, moons, moonbeams and Gardenia Augusta which releases its scent in the evenings under the stars. Another addition to the Ptolemaic system of planets series I am creating.
In the Ptolemaic system, fixed stars make up the background of astronomical objects that appear to not move relative to each other in the night sky compared to the foreground of Solar System objects that do.

Series of Wall Hangings Focusing on Healing and Folk Art

Laurel for love and protection in transitions and ravens as birds are symbolic of the connection between the earthly and heavenly worlds and recognized as the human soul undergoing development. Ravens are the beginning of the great work in Alchemy, indicating the initial stages of the alchemist’s encounter with their inner space through going inward and away from the outward world. The raven symbolic of stepping out of the world and restrictions that bind us and into what doesn’t. Death in a beautiful sense.
Accented between the marriage of the sun and the moon below the laurel representing the dark and the light, the good and the bad, male and female, negative and positive…
Herbs played a major part in Egyptian medicine and these two, cannabis and castor are mentioned in the Ebers Papyrus. The knives used for mummification with eyes gazing down symbolic of seeing and witnessing the process of healing during life although we all reach inevitable death.
Various appearances of Venus as she revolves around the sun, symbols of copper and Venus, many moons, teeth and Ragweed for its connection and symbolism.

From Long Lost Friend by John George Homan published in 1820 “Cure for the toothache : Take blue vitriol and put a piece of it in the hollow tooth, yet not too much; spit out the water that collects in the mouth and be careful to swallow none. I do not know if it is good for the teeth that are not hollow, but I should judge it would cure any kind of toothache”.

Collaboration with Rant Salt Casey

I was given the opportunity to work with the ever so talented Rant Salt Casey. They hand died this fabric for me to put my art on. Once finished, I returned the fabric to them to create into a wearable masterpiece and/or wall hanging and embroidery hooped pieces. Stay tuned for what they create and see below what I created.

The aphrodisiac Avena saliva also known is soothing and calming to the nervous system while also increasing desire and a dagger representing the element of air.

Vanilla, bones and teeth representing the combined energies of physical and energetic love.

Rose, Sun, Moon and Twelve Signs of the Zodiac.

Three headed snakes symbolizing the many loves of our lives and another symbolic Aphrodisiac, the grape vine.

Three Piece Series for Phoenix Rising Gallery in Vancouver Washington

Very pleased to announce this series and honored being able to work with a grass roots gallery. Please reach out to them for purchase info or purchase directly from their website.

This three piece series focuses on the emotions, their energetic charge and their relation to medicine. It includes Fear, Happiness/Bliss and Pensiveness.

Fear – Serpents, Moons, Energy and Adder’s Tongue.
Happiness/Bliss – Agrimony, Moons and Three Keys
Pensiveness – Eyes, White Rosebuds, Energy and Moons

Four Pieces Now Available at Trash Lamb Gallery in San Diego, California

It is always a pleasure to send off my artwork, and even more when it is for a personal friends gallery. I have known Melody now for over a decade and watching this gallery manifest for her was an amazing thing to witness. There is always a certain empowerment I feel when I watch my friends succeed and grow into their best selves. Please take the time this holiday season to support a small, local business and artist by giving the gift of artwork. You view and purchase my work here.

The Dark, The Light, The In-between

A three piece collaboration series titled The Dark, The Light, The In-Between by Monifa Kincaid and I.

This series focused on the dark, light and the powerful combination of both energies we all hold.
This is also the first series of prints I have ever done.

Monifa and I met through a fellow east coast friend and quickly bonded over each other’s work. We both show healing energies in our art and really respect each other’s style. Keep an eye out for the other two pieces of the series.

Link to purchase here.

Ptolemaic System of Planets

Currently, I am working on a nine piece series of the Ptolemaic system of planets. I am creating this series as I take an online Planetary Magic class by Reverend Erik L. Arneson. This series focuses on what registers first, intuitively before knowing history. When one is in tune with nature and its frequencies, the same images, forms and visions can arise. These pieces carry that to paper then explore the past for verification from ancient ancestors. Characters explored are Earth, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Fixed Stars creating a nine piece series. Below are what I have created so far, but follow along on my Instagram or Facebook page as I finish the series.