Author: Annie Perkins Rosenberg

Metal, Art and Meditation (+sometimes moodiness)

My Pieces For Sale at Somersault Letterpress in Historic Jim Thorpe PA

My artwork is now for sale at Somersault Letterpress in historic Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania. You can watch this video to learn more about the shop and what they do.          Somersault Letterpress 60 Broadway  Jim Thorpe, PA 18229 Δ    

My Writing

Lost in deep thought while on a walk this morning I gathered that I should mention my writing  on my website. Writing, along with my visual artwork has been what has fueled me over the last few years and the visual art pieces I do are equally as much of

Halloween Craft Bazaar in Philadelphia October 15, 2017

  This series has a certain air to it. Each piece feels softer, more intimate and the shadows they cast while hung is soft and alluring. As more of the pieces are completed I will post pictures to the site. As always, my work is ethically sourced.  ∇

Rorschach Test of Bones

I am pleased to share the newest additions to my portfolio.

Ethics and Perception

  When I began working with my current medium, I was living in Southern California and attending classes in ceramics and sculpture. This was a really intense time of my life and my health was starting to decline, so I channeled my energy into my artwork and my health. I


Three years. Again, it has been some time since I have added anything to this website. I have kept it up in order to have access to my old pieces, but I honestly assumed that would be it for me in the art scene. I simply would move on to

Been some time.

Not being in school this semester and the majority of my art supplies are still packed, so it has been difficult for me to create anything new in quite some time. That is why when I was asked by a dear friend to do a page in a magazine, I

Elder Artwork

  Female Form (Donated Fight HIV Fundraiser) Ceramic Rutile Ceramic Slip Cast Ceramic

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