Author: Annie Perkins Rosenberg

Metal, Art and Meditation (+sometimes moodiness)

Hand Drawn Ethically Sourced Bones

I sold a few of these through my online store, and now I will be selling them at Ghost Gallery in Seattle, Washington, and at Pacific Crest Creatives in Cle Elum, Washington. I chose these galleries as I am currently residing in Washington state outside of Portland, Oregon, and love

Bringing down the heavens

All pieces available for purchase online here at Ghost Gallery, or can be viewed in person for those in the Seattle area at the hours listed on their website. This show features two individual series by artists Annie Perkins Rosenberg and Coleman Stevenson that overlap in subject matter, offering two

Series of Wall Hangings Focusing on Healing and Folk Art

Collaboration with Rant Salt Casey

I was given the opportunity to work with the ever so talented Rant Salt Casey. They hand died this fabric for me to put my art on. Once finished, I returned the fabric to them to create into a wearable masterpiece and/or wall hanging and embroidery hooped pieces. Stay tuned

December Show at Nomadia Creatives In Seattle Washington

A four piece series available at Nomadia Creatives in Seattle, Washington focusing on the healing energies. Deep, dark and surely full of light. You can shop these pieces online here.

Three Piece Series for Phoenix Rising Gallery in Vancouver Washington

Very pleased to announce this series and honored being able to work with a grass roots gallery. Please reach out to them for purchase info or purchase directly from their website. This three piece series focuses on the emotions, their energetic charge and their relation to medicine. It includes Fear,

Four Pieces Now Available at Trash Lamb Gallery in San Diego, California

It is always a pleasure to send off my artwork, and even more when it is for a personal friends gallery. I have known Melody now for over a decade and watching this gallery manifest for her was an amazing thing to witness. There is always a certain empowerment I

The Banishing – A Three Piece Mini Series for the 14th Annual Mini Art Exhibition at Ghost Gallery in Seattle Washington

The Banishing, a three piece mini series for the 14th Annual Mini Art Exhibition at Ghost Gallery in Seattle, Washington. You can view and purchase the pieces here. Follow them on Instagram or their website for more info on the artworks availability.

The Dark, The Light, The In-between

A three piece collaboration series titled The Dark, The Light, The In-Between by Monifa Kincaid and I. This series focused on the dark, light and the powerful combination of both energies we all hold.This is also the first series of prints I have ever done. Monifa and I met through

Ptolemaic System of Planets

Currently, I am working on a nine piece series of the Ptolemaic system of planets. I am creating this series as I take an online Planetary Magic class by Reverend Erik L. Arneson. This series focuses on what registers first, intuitively before knowing history. When one is in tune with

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