About The Artist


Ann Marie Perkins’ work is impulsively influenced by nature. Her eye for art is dimmed when she is told to follow specific guidelines and rules. Never a fan of planning and sketchbooks, most of her work is done after traveling, hiking, or being outdoors. She adds a dementia to the beauty that is found in nature and reminds the viewer of the harshness that mother nature can offer.

All items used in her artwork are cruelty free. The wood plaques are hand varnished and stained. All bones are pasture-found, roadkill or from animals that have passed by natural cause. The origin of bones in each piece will be greatly described in the item description as it is vital that the buyer knows exactly what they are receiving. Knowing the story of your medium makes the purchase much more personal. Ann Marie’s belief is that nature should be respected and admired is what she emphasizes on. She finds it important that every piece of the body be used after life departs.







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