Annie Perkins Rosenberg



Annie’s work is greatly influenced by nature. She adds distortion to the beauty that is often found organically, reminding the viewer of the harshness that mother nature can offer. Her work reflects the energies she sees in people, animals and plant matter through fine lines and imperfection. Embracing the the dark we all hold within and balacing that with the light.

She was born in a small steel town in Pennsylvania. She then moved to South Philadelphia before moving to San Diego California. She roamed to San Francisco and then briefly returned back to that small steel town in Pennsylvania. She then moved to Seattle where after a short time she moved to the Portland area where she spends her days with her two dogs, her plants and her husband. She embraces her nomadic ways and dreams of traveling the world.

On days when her physical body needs stillness, Annie allows creation to flow into many art forms as a way to express the ailments (and joy) of life. She uses this gift of creation as a healing method and art is her therapy as she has dealt with illness since a child. She began truly expanding her art while bed ridden for years due to her illness. On the days where she was able bodied enough she slowly began to create and against all odds, began to heal as well.

When not she’s creating, Annie is an intuitive healer working with both animals and humans. Her focus is helping others see in themselves all they are capable of, especially in times of illness. She runs a website that offers free guided meditations for mental health, addiction and chronic illness at www.healwithyou.com.

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