Bringing down the heavens

All pieces available for purchase online here at Ghost Gallery, or can be viewed in person for those in the Seattle area at the hours listed on their website.

This show features two individual series by artists Annie Perkins Rosenberg and Coleman Stevenson that overlap in subject matter, offering two distinct views on a common theme: concepts of the Cosmos. Both artists’ work is informed by intuitive energies, forms, and visions of the classical planets. Perkins Rosenberg’s contribution is a nine-piece series focusing on the Ptolemaic system of planets. This series focuses on what registers first, intuitively before knowing history. When one is in tune with nature and its frequencies, the same images, forms and visions can arise. These pieces carry that to paper then explore the past for verification from ancient ancestors. Characters explored are Earth, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Fixed Stars. Stevenson’s series features the seven classical planets presented in the alchemical order (often referred to as the “ladder of planets”). Color is the dominant force in these pieces as each painting attempts to express the personality of one of the seven spheres and its corresponding alchemical operation. They are also invitations to the planetary forces to act as guides in her life, with spells embedded in the works through magical writing and with all marks made on these intuited in the hours ruled by each planet. Added to these are two new pieces created to correspond with Earth and the Fixed Stars. The artists have also collaborated on one additional piece for this exhibition, a unified vision of the Cosmos that incorporates both of their unique styles.

Annie’s nine piece series described below

Earth 🜃

Sun and Moon representing the masculine and feminine energies of the planet. With symbolic goddess energy beneath the sun as Earth is mother.
A spring of Verbena for its long time use in ancient places like Egypt where it has long been associated with divine and other supernatural forces and called “tears of Isis”.
Balanced by the stars as Ptolemy viewed planet Earth as a place where the densest parts of all the planets existed. That is why we are each planetary and influenced by the stars. Earth is a combination of all the planets and so are we.
With hands outreached as we chose to enter these organic vessels and walk the life path.

The Moon

The original piece to this series sold, so I created one that’s similar instead of making a reprint.
Three silver daggers piercing a lunar cycle dripping with morning dew onto Triticum Bicorne a hermaphrodite annual native to Egypt that is pollinated by the wind.

Mercury ☿

The moons represents the vast space that holds the planets.
The two plants of Agrimony as this plant is ruled by Mercury.
A rooting Crocus is for Hermes, who in mythology represents Mercury.
The crocus-flower, was sacred to Hermes. The god was said to have caused it to grow from the blood of his beloved Krokos (hence the flowers name).

Venus ♀

Represented through the lark as birds are very symbolic of this planet. The Lark is also used greatly used throughout mythology, literature, song and is known as an excellent messenger.
The serpent, as snakes carry symbolism of sensuality and fertility which are also associated with the Venus symbol meaning.
And the Lily, for its symbolism of purity, cleansing and love.

The Sun ◌

The Sun in the Ptolemaic system was not the center of our universe, the Earth was. Heart because herbs of the Sun have long been held as herbs for the heart.
Rosemary as it works as a cardiotonic that strengthens the heart and restores energy, vitality and immunity overall.
Lastly, moons as the moon is involved in all of the pieces of this series to show how the connection relates and helps the movement of planetary energy flow.

Mars ♂

Wolf skull and teeth symbolic of Mars’s association with the wolf. The skulls, bone and teeth symbolic of the malefic nature of the planet.
Wolves play a particular role in mythology. The mythical founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, Mars’ twin children were rescued by a she-wolf.
Twin Nettles, symbolic to the planet. Nettles have planethas thorns that act as hypodermics, injecting subcutaneous doses of stinging fluid. However, this same fluid when properly prepared becomes a powerful internal astringent, eliminating infections, and relieves rheumatic conditions.

Jupiter ♃

Swords symbolic of power, confidence, authority, and wisdom.
Hyssop for purification, blessings and sacred cleansing.
In Chinese symbolism, Jupiter is a companion to the element of wood. It carries themes of patience, compassion, strength and durability.
The Chinese element of wood is also symbolic of the season of spring, growth, renewal and transition.
What ever way this planet is sacred to you, it carries strength, compassion and teachings. Wonderful Jovian energy to tune into.

Saturn ♄

Saturn rules restrictions, fate, time, discipline and learning.
When Saturn comes into your life it can cause upheaval and change. But if you pay close attention, these upheavals and chaos create the change you need.
Rebirth and growth.
Beautiful disasters.
The laws of Saturn are much feared, because we learn a great deal from its energies.
It stands in between us and a life of ease.
We are confronted with Saturn each time we break a law of nature. We are given these laws as trials and we can break them time and time again, until we learn to use them properly.
But what is proper?
Only we can decide.
Represented here by two Rattlesnakes which are a well known companion to Saturn and Bistort, also known as Snakeweed.

Fixed Stars

Stars, moons, moonbeams and Gardenia Augusta which releases its scent in the evenings under the stars. Another addition to the Ptolemaic system of planets series I am creating.
In the Ptolemaic system, fixed stars make up the background of astronomical objects that appear to not move relative to each other in the night sky compared to the foreground of Solar System objects that do.

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