Series of Wall Hangings Focusing on Healing and Folk Art

Laurel for love and protection in transitions and ravens as birds are symbolic of the connection between the earthly and heavenly worlds and recognized as the human soul undergoing development. Ravens are the beginning of the great work in Alchemy, indicating the initial stages of the alchemist’s encounter with their inner space through going inward and away from the outward world. The raven symbolic of stepping out of the world and restrictions that bind us and into what doesn’t. Death in a beautiful sense.
Accented between the marriage of the sun and the moon below the laurel representing the dark and the light, the good and the bad, male and female, negative and positive…
Herbs played a major part in Egyptian medicine and these two, cannabis and castor are mentioned in the Ebers Papyrus. The knives used for mummification with eyes gazing down symbolic of seeing and witnessing the process of healing during life although we all reach inevitable death.
Various appearances of Venus as she revolves around the sun, symbols of copper and Venus, many moons, teeth and Ragweed for its connection and symbolism.

From Long Lost Friend by John George Homan published in 1820 “Cure for the toothache : Take blue vitriol and put a piece of it in the hollow tooth, yet not too much; spit out the water that collects in the mouth and be careful to swallow none. I do not know if it is good for the teeth that are not hollow, but I should judge it would cure any kind of toothache”.

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