The Great Return (to source) ⥀

The Great Return (to source) ⥀
Thursday December 5th, 2019
During Art Walk
Mortlake and Company
117 Prefontaine Pl S
Seattle, WA 98104

This series reflects the return to our true self.

To our original blueprint.

Taking us back to what we were when we entered this physical plane.

To who we are outside of a name, a face and a body.

Helping release the theories and ways that society has taught you to believe thus far.

Reminding you the answers to every question you have ever sought is within.

Knowing we often reject or doubt those answers due to discomfort or distrust in ourselves and our situations.

Knowing if we do allow the discomfort of change, we can fully travel the path we are meant to with our truest form of self.

Practicing kindness, trust and respect along the way and letting it spread like wildfire.

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