Conversation Seattle Pop-Up Wednesday August 14th, 3-6pm

A few weeks ago, I was honored to be asked to show the remaining pieces from Day and Night of the Soul at Thompson Seattle in the restaurant Conversation Seattle.

Events for me, with my health are complicated. It is difficult for me to be verbal about my limitations because I still, after all of these years in treatment now, forget that I am limited.I am a bit of a powerhouse in that sense and I think it is what guides me through treatment at times. I get up, brush myself off and try to get back out there. This event was during the week. I knew it would be impossible for me to go. It was also the day of my clinic appointment which lasts all day, then the following day is usually a little difficult since it throws my health and my schedule off.

I was so fortunate to work with Alyssa of Conversation and she helped ease the process of getting everything dropped off and ready to go. Her and the artist Willow that I shared the space with also sent me some photos from the event.

If you were able to make it there, thank you so much. I also appreciate the people who reached out asking of my absence. It pushed me to come clean a little more publicly with my health. I try to keep them inward quite often because honestly, we all have our limitations. We all have our trials. I want my own to be a sign of strength, not something of pity or attention. When I have limitations it is difficult to share. Although, I am so happy I did, because it was received so well.

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