Day and Night of the Soul

Day and Night of the Soul

Opening Reception Thursday June 13th at Ghost Gallery from 5-9pm during Capitol Hill Art Walk for Pride Month. Ghost Gallery is located at 1111 E. Pike St, in the Chophouse Row community in Seattle Washington.

JUNE 13th – JULY 7th 2019

“These pieces were done while traveling the road of a Dark Night of the Soul.
Then came the awakening.
The process.
The creation.
They are a collaboration of images drawn through trials, paranoia, pain, healing and learning. When words weren’t able to be spoken, they came out as creation. Just like going through a Dark Night of the Soul, something beautiful emerged. Something awakened. The night turned to day.”

Annie’s work is impulsively influenced and respected by nature. She uses creation as a healing method as art is her therapy. Her eye for creativity is dimmed when she is told to follow specific guidelines and rules. Never a fan of planning and sketchbooks, most of her work is done in sporadic bursts. She adds a dementia to the beauty that is found in nature and reminds the viewer of the harshness
that mother nature can offer.
She was born in a small steel town in Northeastern Pennsylvania, migrated to Philadelphia, then to Southern California. Then she roamed to San Francisco, back to that small steel town in Pennsylvania and now she spends her days in her tiny home in Seattle with her two dogs Olaf and Bender, her plants and her partner. When not she’s creating, Annie is an intuitive healer working with both animals and humans. She runs a website that offers free guided meditations for the chronically ill and those home bound due to chronic illness at // Work will be available to pickup/ship starting July 7th, 21019

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