Spring Update

Greetings from the Spring weather we are now having here in Seattle. It has been hard(er) to create the past few weeks with the warmer weather coming in and the days being longer, but I have been doing what I can.

Recently I had the honor to create a 2020 Moon Cycle Calendar for the More Than Lyme event happening in Denver as we speak. It has been such an honor to share my artwork and my meditations with Chloe and the community. With that being said, it is also something I am moving away from and onto new things. I will be making meditations supporting the community still, just detaching greatly from the label of an illness. I feel that this label has been attached to me for so long (since 1994!) that it has become my identity. A huge part of my healing process is destroying that label and making my health issues in the past, not the present. Therefore the new series I will be working on and showcasing soon is called Day and Night of The Soul. It is about rebirth and spiritual awakening.


The last few months have been such a change for me. I have gone back and forth between who the fuck I am and why I am here and what is this life all about. I put that into my artwork. All of it. The days when I couldn’t walk, the days when money became a very evident issue or the times trauma triggered me into a state of hopeless thoughts. My artwork got me through.

As someone incredibly drawn to darkness, I am full of light. As an energy worker, I have worked greatly on my own darkness and faced a great deal in my lifetime, especially while creating these pieces. Going through a Dark Night of the Soul was an incredibly terrifying, six year experience for me. But I made it. And what lies on the other side of that dark night is a lot of light. It just makes no sense when you’re in the thick of it.

Stay tuned for where I will be showing these pieces as I have been offered a few options.



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