Book Cover Design and Update

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I am pleased to close the year 2018 with news of a new last name, new artwork, and an offer to do a book cover.

I had recently taken some time off creating in order to relocate from Philadelphia to Seattle. I also had the opportunity to spend some time in Montana on the way across the country. The words magical are an understatement about the whole experience. Now that I am settled, I am enjoying spending time with the new husband and getting back into treatment mode with my health.

Earlier this year I was offered the opportunity to do this book cover. I put a good deal of time into making sure what I created was what the writer wanted. It was interesting combining both of our views. I also had the chance to create a few small pieces to sell for the holidays which sold rather fast.

I plan to sketch here and there and post more small pieces in my store when I am done. I tend to make the best artwork when I do not have to, when I sit down because life has gotten heavy and the only way not to lose my mind is to draw while listening to metal. It is my best therapy and I am blessed it can also give me some financial means.

I hope this year is ending well for you and please keep in touch and reach out with any custom piece requests or just to connect.



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