Been some time.

Not being in school this semester and the majority of my art supplies are still packed, so it has been difficult for me to create anything new in quite some time. That is why when I was asked by a dear friend to do a page in a magazine, I hopped to it. Granted, I did another piece that I rushed to finish and ended up submitting this instead, but this is typical of me. Anything I create happens within 24 hours of the due date. It is what it is.

So much going on after a move. This city is  so inspiring, but so much compacted into such a small geographical area. I love it here.

This is the first artwork I have done since my last art show in San Diego about 4 months ago. All my current pieces are sculpture as well, so it felt good to go back to some old techniques.

Dear Meat 2 resize

Dear Meat

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